3 Proven Time Management Techniques

Time is limited, and sparsity is a major concern. Not being able to manage your time properly will undoubtedly create stress. When managing your time, you must prioritize what is most important to you. Thankfully there is a multitude of popular techniques that exist that teach people how to maximize their time and be more efficient. Here are three proven techniques to help you get the most out of your day.

The Pomodoro Technique for the Pressure-Sensitive

The Pomodoro technique involves the use of a timer and can be explained in six steps. The basic concept is that you focus on a given task for 25 minutes at a time and alternate your concentration with breaks of various lengths. Perhaps the most important aspect of the technique is that you document everything on paper. This allows you to have a visual overview of where your time is being spent, and thus be able to better manage your time in the future.

The Eisenhower Matrix for the Compartmentalizer

Conceptualized by the 34th President of the United States, tasks are divided into one of four categories: Do FirstScheduleDelegate, and Don’t doDo First, naturally, corresponds to tasks that should be completed within the same or following day. Schedule is all that is important but doesn’t necessarily require immediate attention. These tasks should be distributed throughout the month to ensure they will be completed at some point. Delegate and Don’t do are intuitive – for both, one must determine what tasks are at the bottom of the priority list. For Delegate, you need to understand what tasks might be better for someone else to do, whereas the tasks under “don’t do” are those that are neither important nor urgent. The Eisenhower matrix helps people prioritize and organize their schedules.

Biological Prime Time for the Self-Aware

Biological prime time is a time management strategy that focuses less on how long or what, and more on when. Perhaps the most flexible strategy, it adapts to the individual rather than dictating a different way of doing things. The fundamental concept is to rearrange your day around your most productive moments. That is the time of day at which you have the most energy and attention. Tasks should be accomplished at different times depending on how demanding they are. Of course, finding your own biological prime time requires a lot more effort and flexibility than the aforementioned techniques, however it could potentially be the most effective. The idea is to focus on your most challenging tasks during your highest performing hours.

Final Thoughts

There are endless time management strategies made available to us by the internet, however, the important thing is finding one that corresponds well with your current lifestyle, career, responsibilities, and goals. Once you decide on which technique best corresponds with your lifestyle, commit and enjoy the process.

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