A Trusted Talent Acquisition Firm in the Tech Industry

Who is Evlv?

Evlv is a Montreal-based talent acquisition firm that specializes in finding top talent in the tech industry in North America.

Why should I choose Evlv to be my talent acquisition partner?

We live in a constantly changing business world, and a key skill to learn to remain relevant is adaptability.

There are many factors, positive and negative, that influence your career such as the economy slowing down or improving, companies restructuring or growing, market needs changing, technology progressing, growth opportunities arising, or unexpected pandemics, etc…

Evlv is your growth partner, we help you take your businesses and careers to the next level by offering advice on how you can make your business practices / skills applicable and adaptable.

Simply put, Evlv stands for “Evolve”.


What are the 3 pillars of evolving?

  • Effective Toolset
  • Variable Toolset
  • Learning Toolset

At Evlv, we believe that there are 3 necessary pillars which allow for significant advancement of your skills/business practices:

  • Possessing an Effective Toolset and acquiring a deep understanding of how to employ those tools to develop your skills/business.
  • Using this toolset well to build a Variable Skillset which will differentiate you from all the exceptional talent out there.
  • Maintaining a Learning Mindset to keep reinforcing applicable and adaptable skills/business practices.