Who is Evlv?

Evlv is a Montreal-based recruitment agency that specializes in finding top talent worldwide.

Tech and Consumer Goods Industry jobs in Montreal

Founded in 2017, Evlv (which stands for: evolve) is a technical talent acquisition firm specializing in various industries, mainly the tech and consumer goods industries.

At Evlv, we strive for self-improvement. Our mission as a company is to help each other develop our careers and our lives. In addition, we strive for learning and sharing best practices.

Our mission is to help you “evolve” and make sure you are growing and expanding your skill set for your career and your life.

We value mental and physical health for a better work-life balance. No matter how much pressure we have in our lives, we always create time for fun team activities.

Working with you, we aim to be genuine, humble, respectful, and understanding of your needs. We do our best to make you comfortable working with us. One of our core values is diversity and inclusion. We embrace differences in people and perceive them as strengths.

Our Team

Sam Haddad
Diksha Srivastava
Bobby Michael