Focus on Growing Your Skills, Not the Job Title

When considering a new position, one of the main factors that people are concerned with is the job title, which we were always taught to chase. While a title is essential to indicate the level of experience and seniority at the company, both internally and to the external world, focusing too much on it can limit your success. A more beneficial approach when exploring a new offer is concentrating on the new skills you will learn. Unfortunately, many positions are usually rejected because of the “wrong title,” which closes doors on significant opportunities for advancement.

On the other hand, titles can be misleading, as companies use them to entice talent by adding “Senior” or “Manager” to more junior roles. However, if you dig deeper into the job description and ask questions about the day-to-day tasks during the interview, you can differentiate between the roles that will help you advance your career growth and those that will restrict it.

In addition, associating yourself with a specific job title will make you replaceable by any person who can perform the same role. Instead, you can set yourself apart by positioning yourself as a brand and showcasing the value you can bring to the table.