How to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to develop a strong professional identity, highlight your accomplishments, connect with other professionals, collaborate with them on projects, and find new career opportunities. Therefore, it is important to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile that helps expand your career opportunities. Here are a few tips that will help make your LinkedIn profile highly noticeable:


  1. Upload a profile photo: It is essential to add a professional picture of yourself on LinkedIn, because this picture is going to be seen by professionals and potential employers. Therefore, having a proper photo is a must to showcase yourself to employers.


  1. Always update your profile and be active on LinkedIn: It is necessary to always have your LinkedIn profile updated in terms of your job title and your responsibilities, as this approach offers insight about your job history to recruiters and potential employers. Also, one thing to remember is that your LinkedIn profile is another form of a resume that is seen by many professionals, so make sure to include all your skills in the proper section which will appear to recruiters when they use the same keywords to conduct a search.


  1. Connect to recruiters: Especially recruiters that specialize in your industry so that if you are looking for a new opportunity, they can help you find one. Also, make use of the tools that are available for job hunters like turning on the “Open to Work” feature and “Location” feature where you can specify your opportunities and location preferences. This will be useful for recruiters and potential employers to contact you and will increase your chances of finding the opportunity you desire.


  1. Grow your connections: It is always important to expand your network as it helps your profile be visible to recruiters, hiring managers, and potential employers. It also allows you to explore opportunities that are being shared by them and learn from their insights about the state of the employment market.


  1. Recommendations: Ensure you have three to five recommendations from your coworkers and your manager which would make your profile more reliable and showcase your attributes as an individual contributor and a team player.