Personal Motivation

Instigating Self Improvement

As humans, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves – to achieve more, perform better and live healthier. Setting goals for self-improvement in one domain of our lives can actually significantly improve our performance in other areas, and achieving those goals doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

Set Feasible Goals

When it comes to setting goals for ourselves, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by a challenge. That is why it is super important to set realistic, short term goals. Using fitness as an example, if you’re looking to start working out, try beginning with a reasonable program. Start working out for 20 minutes a day to begin. A short session like this is manageable even in the busiest of schedules. If it’s the motivation that’s your issue, do not worry; you will quickly be able to see how much better you feel with even the slightest amount of working out.

Pick up a Book or Find a Podcast

There’s no shortage of inspirational and insightful material at our disposal. With podcasts, e-books or just regular books; there is affordable information that is readily available, take advantage of it! No matter how experienced you may be in a given field, there is always room for growth and development. Reading about what has given others purpose can help us to find our own. Consider a book such as, “10% Happier” by Dan Harris. Dan takes his readers through a roller-coaster story of how he was able to tame his inner voice while maintaining his competitive edge.

Apply the Same Principles to all Aspects of Your Life

No matter what you’re seeking to accomplish, one thing is paramount – be consistent. Be structured, disciplined, and remember that life is all about finding the unique balance that works best for you! Applying the same principles across all aspects of your life will significantly increase the chance that they’ll become a permanent implementation. Research suggests that it takes several months to form habits, so don’t give up!

And Most Importantly…

Do things for yourself. Attempting to affect change in yourself to please someone else or to meet societal pressures will ultimately result in failure. Find your own definitions of success, health, and happiness, and let those definitions guide you.

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