It is a question we have all asked ourselves, how do I maximize my efficiency at work? Here are 5 tips to ensure you are working at your optimal efficiency.

Eat well

If all you’re eating is fast (processed) food then you can’t expect to feel good and perform well at your job. Make sure you have a balanced diet and that you are consuming enough vitamins throughout your day. Perhaps look into visiting a nutritionist, they will be able to provide concrete directions that will help you optimize your eating habits.

Sleep well

Studies have shown on multiple occasions that a well-rested workforce equals a more productive workforce. This means fewer mistakes will be made and more profits will be shared.

Take Breaks

Contrary to what one would believe but it is true, your brain and eyes need some downtime. According to the theory of diminishing marginal returns, you will reach a point where you work so hard you begin to get less and less productive. In order to avoid these diminishing returns, it is essential that you take breaks throughout the day. They do not need to be long but a 15-minute break every few hours should do the trick.

Understand where time is wasted

Most employees wind up saying, “where did my day go” or “it’s already 5:30?” The way to avoid this is to take a more calculated approach to how your time is being spent. For example, do you find yourself wasting too much time trying to manipulate data in an excel document only because you do not know how to use the equations tab? If so, ask for help or get training. The first step to correcting inefficiencies is understanding where your time is being spent; and only then will you be able to optimize your day.

Enjoy what you do

This really should be number one. When your work aligns with your passion, an amazing synergy is created. You will never be upset to go in early or stay late. Loving what you do is the true key to maximizing your efficiency.

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